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SPECIAL: TWOS Plays/Reviews Apotheosis

September 30, 2021


We're checking out Apotheosis - a new and dynamic tabletop RPG system that boasts over 50,000 character creation possibilities and an enhanced combat system that's sure to interest even the most seasoned TTRPG veteran. Learn more at and check out their ongoing Kickstarter - available until Oct. 7!

With special guest - Mike Daniels from 19 Hits the Dragon!

In the remote outpost of Ravensholde, tensions between outpost residents and settlers snowed in together for the winter season are coming to a head. Local law enforcement has put out a call to recruit anyone willing to join and bolster their ranks in preparation for a harsh cold. Will the recruits survive the deadliest job interview ever? Or is there something else making its way through the outpost that will get them first?

Stick around after the adventure to hear our review of Apotheosis!

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