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SPECIAL: TWOS Plays/Reviews Upriver, Downriver

November 23, 2021

Time to suit up in some galoshes and bucket hats as we're playing Upriver, Downriver - a game about making tough choices and testing your commitments set against a fateful journey to discover the secrets about your world on the Great River. Learn more at the Upriver, Downriver Kickstarter page.

Many who travel the Great River pledge an Oath defining their intended journey and a Path providing a moral background to their actions. One such crew traveling the Great River has pledged to find the Source of the River - a perilous journey to discover where all magic springs from which none have returned. Could a doctor and a gunner make good on their word to obtain a needed clue? Or will the streets of Zagazny - a city floating on the Great River - prove too much for their petty differences?

Hang out with us for a bit after the adventure to hear our thoughts on Upriver, Downriver!

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Theme: "The River" by rolemusic

Additional music: One Man Symphony

Upriver, Downriver Demo Track provided by Ella Watts

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